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Model newspaper staff manual helps new advisers develop their own staff manuals

by Julie Dodd JEA Mentoring Committee Coordinating a media class certainly has some differences from coordinating other classes you might teach. In a more traditional class, students may all be working on the same assignment. They could be reading a novel and working toward writing an essay on the book. In a media class, most … Continue reading

Thanks to Sharon Tally for her contributions to the Journalism Education Association
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Thanks to Sharon Tally for her contributions to the Journalism Education Association

by Julie Dodd and Linda Barrington JEA Mentoring Committee Sharon Tally is retiring, and we’re going to miss her. Sharon is one of the administrative staff members at the JEA Headquarters at Kansas State University and has been a key part of JEA office operations for 13 years. Her official retirement day is June 28. … Continue reading

iMotionHD:  Great iPad app for creating stop motion video
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iMotionHD: Great iPad app for creating stop motion video

by Judy Robinson Mentoring Committee One of the several apps I shared with the mentors at the JEA/NSPA convention in San Francisco this past spring was iMotionHD.  It’s a great app and worth reviewing again or sharing with those of you who weren’t able to attend in San Francisco. Creating stop-motion video or time-lapse photography … Continue reading

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7 Reasons why you’ll love the Mobile Guide to Seattle JEA/NSPA convention

by Judy Robinson JEA Mentoring Committee If you have a mobile device —  Android, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch — you’ll love the new mobile Seattle convention guidebook. It’s a new resource for this year’s convention as explained on the StudentPress blog. I look forward to fitting this mobile guide into my purse.  No more forgetting my heavy … Continue reading

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Mentoring Monday: Survey collect information about high school advisers who teach broadcast or video

by Julie Dodd JEA Mentor Committee co-chair JEA members are being asked to complete an online survey about advising student media that include broadcasting or video. I’m especially interested in the results, as I’m involved in collecting the data. I hope that you’ll take the survey or alert media advisers to take the survey. The … Continue reading

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Mentoring Monday: Recipes for successful mentoring cooked up at JEA Mentor Forum in Minneapolis

by Judy Robinson JEA Mentor Committee member At the Mentor Forum in Minneapolis at the Journalism Education Association/National Scholastic Press Association convention  last week, Peggy Gregory started things cooking with a warm-up activity challenging mentors to create recipes with ingredients for success for the futures of mentors and mentees in the program. Be assured there … Continue reading