PBS NewsHour highlights New Teacher Center’s success with new teachers

PBS NewsHour highlights New Teacher Center’s success with new teachers

by Julie Dodd JEA Mentor Committee More than 300,000 veteran teachers nationally retired between 2004 and 2008. Nationally $7 billion is spent every year to recruit, hire and train new teachers. About 50 percent of all new teachers leave the profession within three to five years. All of these were statistics shared by reporter Ash-har … Continue reading

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Mentoring Monday: The Mentor Toolbox — I Love the Collaborative Assessment Log

By Linda Barrington, MJE JEA Mentoring Committee co-chair, JEA Wisconsin mentor One of the things I like best about the JEA Mentor Program is its emphasis on tailoring each mentoring experience to the needs of the individual mentee.  Even though I may not have experienced the same situations and struggles as each of them, I … Continue reading

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Strengths coaching: Mentoring to help new teachers improve their strengths

by Nick Ferentinos JEA Mentoring Committee When making assessments about a teacher’s practice, mentors often want to start with deficits, what the person does not do well, much as many teachers do when they’re looking at student work. For that matter, new teachers usually begin self-assessments by raising what they think is wrong with their … Continue reading

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’13 Steps to Teacher Empowerment’ encourages new teachers to determine proactive ways to work with veteran teachers, principals and parents (Part Two)

by Nick Ferentinos JEA Mentoring Committee In a presentation at the New Teacher Center’s Annual Symposium in San Jose, Calif., “Leveraging the School Culture to Support New Teacher Mentoring,” Harry Ross and Steve Zemelman addressed the practical strategies taken from their book, “13 Steps to Teacher Empowerment: Taking a More Active Role in Your School … Continue reading

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New Teacher Center Symposium keynoter Ronald Ferguson presented ‘Creating Learning Conditions for Student Success’

by Nick Ferentinos JEA Mentoring Committee Years ago, I learned that when it comes to new teacher induction, “All roads lead to Santa Cruz,” referring, of course, to the New Teacher Center (newteachercenter.org) in Santa Cruz, Calif. And every winter, that road moves “over the hill,” as the locals say, to the “Capital of Silicon … Continue reading

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Mentor Forum for JEA/NSPA convention in Portland based on weeks of planning, dozens of e-mails and lots of ideas

by Peggy Gregory Mentoring Committee It flows down the middle of the page so simply, and, in fact, it is only one page long. But the agenda for the upcoming Mentor Forum at the Journalism Education Association/National Scholastic Press Association convention in Portland is deceptive in its simplicity. The document has included detailed discussions by … Continue reading

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“Better Mentoring for Better Teaching” identifies three factors that improve teacher quality — and No. 1 is finding the right mentors

Linda Barrington and Nick Feretinos wanted to share “Better Mentoring for Better Teaching” from Education Week: The New Teacher Center in Santa Cruz (newteachercenter.org) is a leader in new teacher induction and support, so it’s useful to look at the words of its associate policy directer, Dara Barlin, as she addresses three of the Center’s … Continue reading